King's Epic

Begin your journey in a new land, and survive living among the others that call this world home.


King's Epic is a tile based exploration, building, and society management game. You will start off in a large but finitely sized world with many societies, both intelligent and animal. These societies will grow and expand, and if left unchecked may threaten or destroy you. King's Epic draws its inspiration from games like Dwarf Fortress and Minecraft.

Open World

The world of King's Epic is open and dynamic. Terrain is generated randomly from a seed, and the entities within it are always loaded and doing their thing.


King's Epic is multiplayer through and through. Every game runs on a server that other players can connect to. Explore the world and build together!


King's Epic is being designed from the ground up with modding in mind. Where possible, we implement game features using the modding system rather than hard coding, so that it is both featureful and packed with examples!


A version of King's Epic has been made available for download as part of the Go QML contest. This version represents a very early stage of the game, so expect there to be very few features coupled with many bugs!


Download the art assets for King's Epic.

Download Art

Contest Download

Download Linux package for the contest version of King's Epic. Read more about the features in this version.

King's Epic -- Linux


Find the client source code on

King's Epic is in the early stages of development. You can find the client source code at and contribute. Just be sure you check out the license terms! The server is being developed closed source. The game itself is being built using Go.

We have a Google Group forum for you to discuss the game. Please join the King's Epic announcement list to receive important announcements.